5 Content Marketing Tips where top performers succeed.

Great content is not created because of complex technical jargon or heap of scrambled  information. Create an interesting topic, engage your audience, be concise and let your readers be your testimonials and that what makes it viral.

1.Content marketing should ignite the reader's sense

To ignite the reader's curiousity, the content itself should be a good story to narrate. Creating content without creating a point of curiosity is like watching a documentary without volume. Does it sound anything right, you barely would understand a bit of what they might be talking.  

"Content marketing is all about storytelling" - says Neil Patel  in his blog

Neil Patel, one of the top SEO influencer in content market says the biggest success factor of content marketing is about how well the storytelling goes. If you have an exciting point with informative piece of information knitted around the title and the topic, your audience would be spell bound compelled to read through.

2. Engaging your readers, customers and prospects.

Tweak your content into an interesting activity, provide insights on how to accomplish or improve. Info-graphic, demographic representations, pictorial drawings, Quiz, Audience poll, online surveys are some traditional methods of engaging customers. Creative cartoon stuff can also work at times. Humor mixed with facts stand a chance quite a few times. Humor in PPC advertising also worked few times, though not always.

Source: Adsoftheworld

3. Responsive to your prospects and customers voice.

Be responsive to comments, critics, suggestions and good notes. Acknowledge the comment, reciprocate and confirm that you are human. Community forums works great to engage your prospects, interactive sessions create the ease to share information and exchange views. Lot of talking, sharing, discussing, and equally responding would lead better results in the game.

Check out the content marketing statistics below

Source: Neilpatel Website

4. Pictures that speak

Whether it is advertising or content marketing, emotional engagement with customer makes it all. check out this post released by Unicef,

Source - Plansophy

Pictures with emotional message help you connecting readers quickly when it relates to any natural human expressions. Visual messages have the power to turn your written content to life.

Simple topics sometimes can make a huge difference in professional networks like Linkedin. It all matters, what you post, how you post and how many are you connected with.
PIc: Linkedin posting

5. Viral Video Clips 

Video sharing is the current trend if not the future, it will be the present for sure. People like to share their likes and dislikes within their network, friends and communities via social networking. Few seconds of advertising videos compell the visitors to research the brand and buy the product. Informative clips go crazy all over internet. Try  

Source: Social bakers

These are some strong content marketing techniques and creating viral content for your audience. Will soon get back to you with some more details on content marketing.

Please leave your comments, critics and suggestions on the same, appreciate if you would like to add any information or opinions.


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