how to sell on Facebook free – Top 5 Digital Marketing Tricks and Tips

Digital marketing has reached new heights utilizing social media recently. 

Facebook is top when it comes. Here is the quick infographics, which shows the users on social media, it clearly points the amazing user base Facebook is handling.

Infographic about SMM, Social Media Marketing

Ok…Now, we know we are right place to get connected to huge audience pool, how to start selling your products on facebook.

Tip#1 Create the best impression with your Page - Facebook page customization
People don’t just buy anything and everything they come across…they make choices based out of impressions. Super markets strike my mind in this regard, no one knows better on impression marketing and selling if not them.

“Supermarkets, shopping malls fall in that category. You tend to buy something while entering, end up buying almost everything else… Huge offers, discounts, product showcase, good customer service who doesn’t want it.”

Similarly, your FB page should project similar appeal, create the best impression…
Proper FB page with full company address, website, store details, product manufacturing process, product quality, pricing, returns policy, everything at one shot.

If possible, provide your legit business documents supporting your business registration, alliances, etc. which would build trust in your customers by just a glance at your Facebook page.

Tip# 2 - Don’t ask to buy a product at first shot, ask to review
Don’t start the posting with an intention to sell it then and there. Take a U turn in selling concept, and you will see a good change. Selling is a technique; every sale must not be a typical knock-knock on a customer door.  Post a product and ask for reviews, if any good reviews, ask for references, get the trust factor and sales will follow inevitably. Word of mouth is the bestselling tactic when it comes to social media marketing. Let people talk about your product, review it, refer it.

More the reviews, more the people talk about your products, the better visibility for your page and products. This will be directly proportional to your sales numbers.

End of the Day, … everyone will be in win-win situation.

Tip#3 - Use Facebook to the Core – Utilize the free facebook Tools
Start utilizing Facebook insights, groups, communications, chat, messaging service and notifications effectively.  

FB Social Media Optimization - Malaji AJ SEO

Facebook Insights provides a detailed infographic which helps to understand the pulse of your audience.  You can analyze which post or product influenced your audience, can check location based traffic, time based performance, target audience responsive approach.
Analyze, forecast and rework on your posting, campaigning techniques. 

Do a little bit research on how competitors are mentioning product title and description to get the max audience reach, learn, rewrite and repeat.

Tip#4 Best times to post your posts - Share, Post, Talk & Interact
Analysts across the world are busy researching to understand when is the good time to post in Facebook to get more clicks, best time to engage with audience, etc. 

Facebook audience

Some researchers confirmed its better on Thursday and Friday between 7am -9pm and some confirmed on Saturday and Sunday around 3 pm -5pm. 

The more common time agreed by all is Thursday and Friday from 1pm – 9pm. Post accordingly to your geography infographics and see the difference how your post works.

Don’t limit yourself to posting of product, share it with all your groups, reach out to new connections, start interacting with them through messenger. Brand yourself as a company J

Tip#5 - Special Offers & Discounts – Engage your facebook Fans and customers
Special offers and discounts attracts the audience, value your customers on special occasions. Run a festival discount or discount price for all your Facebook audience. Mention a special gift on the eve of new year or valentine’s day or any festival which might add a feel-good factor to your customers, gifts are always special J
Facebook SMM Tips

Engage your customers with opinion polls, check the pulse on the trends of gifts, necessities or products. Propose your products as a suggestion, don’t ask to buy…

Don’t you think this will work…it work

Thanks so much for taking time in reading this article, please share your views, comments, suggestions, tips and critics with me. Would love to hear from you


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